Transforming Communication, Transforming Conflict

Transformative Mediation, first articulated by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger in The Promise of Mediation, is an approach to conflict intervention that places the principles of empowerment and recognition at the core of helping people in conflict change how they interact with each other.

At the Transformative Mediation Institute, we are dedicated to applying these same principles, empowerment and recognition or agency and connection, to fostering constructive and positive human interaction in a wide variety of contexts. Our focus is on skill-building and capacity-building. Our mission is to transform communication, and transform conflict, by helping people develop their own skills and capacity to make positive and constructive changes in how they interact with each other.

We offer a variety of skill-building and capacity-building services:
  • training and education for mediators, managers, lawyers and other third party interveners in conflict
  • one-on-one coaching in communication competencies for individuals who want to improve their own interaction skills
  • resources, such as publications, bibliographies, and links, for those who want to learn more
One of the founders of the Institute, Hugo Prein, has devoted decades to the study, understanding, and improvement of communication, conflict intervention, and organizational behavior. He brings with other trainers his experience as educator, practitioner, researcher, and noted author together in this Institute.


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De eerst komende vierdaagse cursus over Transformatieve Mediation zal plaatsvinden in november en december 2015. Een maandag + dinsdag in november (23-11-2015 en 24-11-2015) en twee weken later weer ...
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