Hugo Prein, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Hugo PreinDr. Prein was for 34 years an Associate Professor for Conflict Management, Mediation, Intervention, and Group Facilitation at the Department of Social and Organization Psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His lifelong research interest has been the effectiveness of third party conflict intervention strategies and the intervention competencies of mediators. He combines in his work the perspectives and methods of social psychology, group dynamics and communication.

By order of The Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI), he developed an instrument to measure the competencies of a mediator that is being used since 2003 in the official certification procedure for mediators in the Netherlands. He also has the task of educating and supervising other assessors.

The last few years he has focused his research and writing on the mediation process. He published several books, book chapters and articles about conflict management and mediation. He also published together with Dorothy Della Noce a chapter in the recently published book about transformative mediation (Transformative Mediation: a Sourcebook).

He served several years on the editorial board of the (Dutch) Journal Tijdschrift Conflicthantering; and he continues to serve on the editorial board of the Mediation Series (Mediationreeks), a series of books about mediation. He is one of the editors of the official Handbook of Mediation for the Netherlands (Handboek Mediation). This book forms, together with two other books (including his book Mediation in Praktijk) the official ‘body of knowledge’ for all mediators in the Netherlands (test items for the knowledge test for registration as a mediator are based on these three publications).

He developed and has given during more than ten years with two colleagues the basic mediation training for the section mediation of the Dutch Psychological Association (NIP) and is giving several other trainings on mediation and intervention techniques.

He is working as a mediator, coach, trainer, and assessor. He is since March 2008 a Certified Transformative Mediator™


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